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it doesnt get any better than this:

me: what are you gonna do today?
him: nothing
me: oh
me: fun
him: as usual
me: maybe you could feed my mice
him: lol
him: is that some kind of sexual innuendo
him: lol
me: lol
me: um
me: ...
me: not unless you want it to be
him: its tempting
me: cause i know you secretly get off on mice
him: lmao
me: lol


me: wA wOuLd U dO 1F 1 TyP3D lYk3 dIzZ?
her: i would log off and light some candles and pray for you
me: lol
me: dAzZ M3@n!
her: .......
me: lol


good times.
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