February 13th, 2004

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im bored

my saturday has been full of blah so far... i woke up like at nine thirty... i would have woken up earlier, but when i took the blankets off my head the sun was shining directly in my face and i was like ahhh! im melting!!! so i tucked my head safely under the blankets again... i havent really eaten anything and im starving!!! my brother isnt here... he left somewhere with his friend... my mom just came home from work... and i've been here... cleaning as being lazy and all... woo-hoo! i rock! so raul, ana, and i are going to this party thing later tonight... it starts at eight... im cold... all i've done so far today is shower and clean... im hoping to get myhair cut today... if i can somehow bribe my mom into taking me... and paying... :-/
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woo-hoo! my friend passed his driving test!

him: hey i passed my permit test!
him: lol
me: yay!
me: thats so cool!
him: yup, im so happy i can drive now
him: :-D
him: now i need a car lol
me: oh yeah... step two: buy a car
me: step three: take denise EVERYWHERE!
him: lol
him: yeah
him: fo sho

yay for me! him!
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