March 4th, 2004

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if you take me hands, and follow my lead, i'll make you dance...

well... i did "research" and it turns out that high thech high doesnt offer AP classes... so that not good! >:( grr! so im not sure if i want to leave... cuz im supposed to be in an AP spanish class next year and it'd be a waste of 3 years of preuss hell... but i AM thinking about SCPA... or... i dare not say it: staying at preuss... :-O!!! but anywho... today was ok... ana asked me if she could sit next to me in avid... that made me kinda laugh... i wanted to say "oh, i forgot stephanie isnt in this class" but that would have been real mean so i just said yeah...

raul found out about my considering moving... he got sad... but i told him the chances were slim... so he wasnt that sad anymore... lately i've been ok... for the passed two days at least... i guess i should stop being selfish and be glad that ana found the fun she didnt find me, in someone else... :) god for anal... agh tomorrow is an a-day... i hate a-days

IM WEARING A SKIRT! thats right... not a typo... i got a skirt at hot topic... not the one i wanted, but its still cute, its black with purple bows... matches my shoes hehe...

you guys will never guess who IMed me today (i doubt you know him too... i wrote about him in my old journal): CHARLIE! or as i called him: charlie horse... i was shocked! he NEVER ims me... i usually have to IM him... and he started talking to me... not about sex this time, which is good, cuz i have enough stress for him to add on more..

very long, be warned!Collapse )

so yeah... it was pretty mellow... no arguing... which is VERY good... the convo went on... but its too long... im bored... i had an ok day... i dont know if i mentioned that i got the part i wanted for drama! im uber happy! so i have lines to memorize!

oh yes, in avid, i borrowed a book from mr. reyes cuz i forgot mines... again... and i got it and said "hey, i have this book at home!" and i was looking at it... i loked at the cover... then the page behind the cover, the one with the revies of itself... and then i look on the back of the cover... and my eyes wonder and i see "denise" scribbled in lime green pen... and a my pink butterfly stamp... its takes a few seconds to process... then i pretty much yell out "hey this is my book!!!" and ana starts laughing... and im thinking THIS IS MY BOOK!!! and then after a minute or so i call mr reyes over and tell him its my book and he looks at me like 'the fuck?</> and he looked confused and he was like "how did that happen?" and i showed him the book flap with my name and he just looked at me... i think he thought i was lying or something... but yeah... it was funny... so yeah... i felt like a dumb blonde for those few minutes...

im done

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