April 2nd, 2004

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agh! finally the week that i've been waiting for since our last school break... well... i have nothing officially planned for this week... i was gonna go to the mall with my friend carlos... but he's out of town... so thats not exactly working out... and my friend manuel just moved canada... and we agreed that i would show him around, but the last time i walked to him, i didnt get to give him my number cuz the schools computer was being homosexual... so i had to go restart another one... and when i got to log back on, he was offline... and i get the feeling he wont be logging on anytime soon... so that wont be happening this week... gah... i get the feeling this spring break is going to suck... i got to talk to joel again today. and he called me, but i was online... but he DID leave me a messege... and GOD! i almost orgasmed to his every so attractive australian accent! ok... so i've just been online... just looking at random pages... and im bored... and im trying to think of soemthing to do for this coming week... blah
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