April 5th, 2004

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a simple whisper from your voice... and i fade away...


i dont think i've ever started out an entry with a smile. but today i am.
i finished three books in less than a week. they were SO good! the first was being dead it was good...a bunch of gost stories. then came green angel...it was SO good! it was sad, but really good. then...STARGIRL...wow...it.was.so.GOOD. i LOVED it... the end, i thought was sad... but at the same time like ::sigh::... weird... but REALLY good.

so on friday... i dont rememeber... um. in english we did some "animal farm" stuff. then in spanish was nothing, then a test, then "la bamba", which OF COURSE, rosked my socks. then i had PE. blah. Then i had geometry- the ONLY class we actually DID something in which was homosexual cuz i was the LAST CLASS BEFORE SPRING BREAK and i was all antsy... agh. but then the day FINALLY ended. so, my friend moved from canada to san diego like a week or so ago. and i offered to show him around, but he hasnt logged on, and i didnt get to giv ehim my number. and i had really wanted to get together with him this week, so i wont be all bored. damn.

then it was saturday! i went shopping with my mom. i got some black socks. a bra. gum. shampoo. razors. and i dont remember what else. but afterwards we went to "tacos el gordo" in national city... YUM! then we headed home. it was like maybe... five when we got home. then i talked to raul and he invited me to ride the ATVs again on sunday. my mumzy said yes. then i took a 3 hour nap. woke up at like 8:30...pm. watched TV... showered. and TRIED to go to sleep. i woke up like at 7:45 on sunday. but i was hella tired! i got ready. and i didnt know if raul knew he was supposed to set his clock and hour ahead, so called at the time he said he'd pick me up, he said him mumzy was runny a bit late, which was fine. raul punched a hole in his wall. a BIG hole. his WHOLE fist fits in it. hole in wall= not good. i hope his mom doesnt see it, cuz he's already in trouble. ack! so they picked me up. we went riding. i was uber fun! but. i got my orange chucks dirty. VERY dirty. FULL OF MUD! i almost cried :(. then we went to his house. he showered. then i did. then we were just there kinda bored. they ordered pizza. then we went to blockbuster and rented "the texas chainsaw massacre" and "gothica". then we went to starbucks :p. then we went back home. saw "the texas...", ate. then saw the first half of "gothica"... then we went to sav-on and developed the pictures on my digital camera, but were 4 dollars short, so they're gonna get 'em for me today. then we went back home and watched the other half of the movie. then i came home. showered. and slept. and now here i am.

i woke up. ate. got online and talked to charlie. he had called me last night. so he called me again today. :). for some reason, that made me really happy. and he said he might not go to UCSD cuz he got accepted to another college that he wants to go to more. so ok. then here i am. :) im bored, but i feel good. talking to charlie made me happy like whoa. so thanks charlie.
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