April 6th, 2004

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agh! GOD! my cousin can be so annoyting sometimes. and he never knows when to STOP bugging people! not even when you ask him to GO AWAY! grr! well... i've been bored out of my mind for the passed two days. and i still have nothing to do. gr. i really want a pet rat. i guess i better start saving. george said he might try to help me get a job as like a waitress or something. i want to work at a cafe or soemthing. or maybe something like BORDERS, but i dont know. my mom is THINKING about getting a cell phone. i saw this shared plan, it has NO CONTRACT (a good thing!) and like, 2 cell phones, 600 shared minutes, free long distance and roaming & unlimited nights and weekends on both phones for like $95.98a month... but i wont get my hopes up. i straightened my hair today. and i talked to my friend brian, whom i havent talked to in a while. last night, i was online, and jorge, this guy in my PE class IMed me. and we talked. he told me who he likes. :(. but she doesnt like him back. it was sad. then i went away cuz i wasnt feeling :), and this guys IMed me, but he wasnt on my list, but i accidentally closed the window, and i was going nuts trying to get his screen name again and what not... i took me a while to finally search some files on my computer to IM him again. he's my friend's friend. so yeah. im bored. tired. and hungry. :(, gr.
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