April 7th, 2004

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Target hide and seek is fun!

i saw hellboy today. it was... ok. i wanna know who plays the red guy. his voice sounded familiar. :-/ so. first, i woke up, showered, etc. i logged on and did... well... nothing. then raul came. we went to this church thing, cuz i've done my first communion, but not my "comfirmation"... so i have to go to these classes, but here, i would have to take them for 2 years, and my mom wouldnt want it to take that long, im not sure why. so there's this adult class thats only one year, but my brother would have to take it with me. blah. then we went to his house and saw a bunch of Notorious B.I.G. videos... i never realized how close p. diddy and B.I.G. were... :( its sad that he died. so we were bored, so we wanted to go to the mall. we did. but the movie didnt start until 7:10, and it was like 5:30. so we went to afterthoughts, then we went to target. we were bored there, and i wanted to play hide and seek, but raul was being apoopy face and didnt want to, so i was like "fine! ::pout, pout::" then he gave in. i found him in less than five minutes. it took him forever and a half to find me though, ha! i went to the second floor and hung out in the toys section. then i saw him, but he didnt see me, so i ran to the bottom floor. hid some more. then he FINALLY found me. it was UBER fun! fun like WHOA! then i had to fnd him again. but i got distracted with the karaoki (?) michines. one of then had a camera. but NONE of the mics worked. so then i was like wait, arent i supposed to be doing something??? then i realized AH HA! RAUL! so was looking for a while, then i thought to go to the second level cuz thats where i hid. then i looked, and i saw him lying on the floor, and he saw me, and got up and ran. so i had to chase after him, and i went into this isle (or that i THOUGHT was a isle), kind of as a short cut to find him, but it turns out it was a dead end, so i had to run back, and i thought i had lost him, so i decided to cheat. i asked people if they saw a tall guy in a red sweater. then i saw this guy and the dressing rooms desk (not a worker though) and he was like "oh yeah, he went that way ::points::" so i went. let me just say that the tartget workers ALL wearing red shirts, DID NOT HELP! GOD! it just made it harder, but then i finally found him. i like screamed his name. then he stopped running. HA! the loser. then he said he was ungry, but we only had a dollar left from the movie tickets, so he called him mom to bring him money (i feel so bad for her). she came, gave him a 20 and we spent almost all of it on movie food. then we went in and watched the movie. i got a nacho craving. he went. he forgot extra cheese. he went again. i would have gone with him, but whenever i do, they take our seats, and that really makes me mad, so he told me to stay. i did. i also had gummie starz, and chocolate covered raisins. yum. then we watched the movie. it was over. they dropped me off. then end of denise's day!

oh, while i was looking for raul the first time, i turned the corner, stopped and looked around for a few seconds, and ryu and angel were like RIGHT THERE. not even a yard away from me! which, not that i care a whole lot, but came as a shock to me, because he told me that she had broken up with him and blah blah blah. and he was ever so sure they wouldnt get back together. can anyone say BULL FUCKIN' SHIT?? oooh! i can! BULL FUCKIN' SHIT! but point is, for some reason, when i saw him, i freaked out, and quickly turned the other way, and walked into the nearest isle, which lead me to raul cuz he was hiding on the side of that very isle. but i thought it was weird that i freaked out like that. and i also thought it a bit weird that he didnt even turn to me, when i was less than a YARD away from him. but blah. whatever.

i think i had fun today. my fav part was target hide and seek. i think i shall try it again, some time. :)
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