April 9th, 2004

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ok. so raul came over yesterday. but his parents were working so he had to come on his bike. he pretty much spent ALL day here. he brought some movies for us to watch. first we kinda saw jarassic part: the lost world, but somwhere towards the end, he decided he was tired, and went to my room. and feel asleep. when i got bored, i went to wake him up. then we just hung out and whatever. watched tv. talked. then my mom came home. then george came and they were gonna go somewhere, and raul and i wanted to go to his house, i dont remember why, but we did. oh, cuz we wanted to get some pretzels. we were only gonna be gone for an hour. she said no. she started to piss me off. i mean, ONE FUCKING hour! it wouldnt have hurt her to just let me go? so i got mad. and i had asked her if i could go with her and george to eat, and she had said no, but then george saw that i was mad, and he was like "do you want to come with us??" and all of a sudden, my mom is ok with me going with them, and is like "yeah, do you wanna come with us?" and that just pissed me off even more. then she said i could invite raul. then i just started arguing with her. and she told me she wanted me to do womthing here at home and i was like "if i stay, im just gonna get on the internet and be there all night, and when i do THAT, you still get mad and start pitching!" and then she just looked at me, cuz she knew i was right, and got more mad. and she kept telling me to go with her and george, and was trying to be nice and what not. but GOD! she definitely KNOWS how to piss me off! so in the end, i went nowhere, raul's mom came to pick him up, and i, of course, got online once he was gone. and sometime in the beggining of the arguement she offered to take raul and i *somewhere.

today, i went to raul's house to paint easter eggs and fill them with confetti. it was fun! we got to paint them and stuff. we went to wal*mart, and i got this 7up chap stick. its yum. and i got some sponge bob bandaids, b/c i have a tendency to cut myself ALL THE TIME, whenever i shave. lets just say that the razor and i arent, exactly best friends.

i shaved today, cuz i was wearing my black skirt, and i realized that raul, although he never says anything out loud, likes it when my legs are just shaven, cuz he's always touching them and stuff. i thought that was funny. but i didnt say anything to him about it ;).

last night, while i was online, i was bored out of my mind (surprise surprise), and i decided to jsut randomly IM people acting like i know them, and NO ONE i IMed was online! i was so angry, then i finally got this one guy, and i talked to him, but i forgot i had the think to my profile up, so he looked at my profile, and i felt all dumb when he was like "look Denise... your 15... your alittle young", so that was the end of that.

*so, i told raul to tell him mom about us going out and saturday, and she asked what time my mom was picking him up, and i didnt know, but i told her i'd ask. and i did. she starts acting like a bitch, and makes it sound like I, asked her to take us somewhere, when i asked her where exactly she was taking us, and she was like "well, i dont know where you guys wanted to you, you guys said you wanted to go somewhere but i dont know where you guys want to go", when thats NOT what was said. she saw i was mad, she said "i'll tkae you guys out somewhere on saturday", and i aske her where, and all of a sudden, it was MY idea, so I have to decide where to go! i know its not that hard to decide, but i mean, if you offer to take someone out, you whould atleast KNOW WHERE YOUR TAKING THEM! so now im pissed all over! grrrrr!

then this guy that was being an asshole (i blocked him at the time, and then unblocked him, to be nice) IMs me again, and i tell him to jsut delete me off his list, cause he's not on mine, he doesnt know who i am, and i dont know who HE is. but this seems to be too difficult of a task to him, the reason i stated above, dont seem to be good enough for him to delete me, and he just sits and asks why. grrr! so that made me pissedx10!!! and that does not = to something good. so i warned and blocked him, again.

people these days... GET A LIFE!Collapse )

so now here i am... angry... bored... my stummy hurts... and i lost my moms stamps. God... i REALLY wish Daniel still talked to me. i know for a fact that he could make me feel better at right now... if only, if only...
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