April 11th, 2004

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i'll try to fit in a small quicky before i leave. ok. so yesterday my mom had plans to take us to coronado, then from there we were gonna take the ferry to downtown, then walk to sea port village. and we did! :)

i woke up, showered, etc. then i was all ready. and my had wanted to invite george with us, so she wouldnt be all alone, while raul and i were off being denise and raul. but the thing was that neither my mom or george knew if he was going to be working. and he doesnt have a phone line... because him and his nephew are irresponcible, and got their phone line cut off. :-/. so we had to go to his HOUSE to see if he was working or not. so we get to his apt, and he's working on his computer. so he tells us to go pick up raul, and he'll meet us at my house in an hour or so. so we're OFF! we go get raul. we're there for a few minutes.

raul's grandparents are SOOOOOOOO adorable! they're so tiny. and just.. cute! its like "awwwwww..." :) and just makes you wanna smile.

so then we head off to my house. we get there. we're there for maybe a half hour. i changed pants cuz the ones i had... either felt weird... or didnt match... or maybe both. then george called. he's running late. surprise surprise. so tells my mom to pick him at at two. grr. so raul and i are just there talking and whatever. then its two, and we go get george. he's actually ready and outside ready when we get there! :-o! i was shocked. i was expecting him to be like not even out of his shower, but sure enough, he was.

so then we head off to coronado. i kind of fell asleep, and i had my head on raul's lap, then he's like "we're on the birdge now" and i wake up, i sit up... and i look out my window. have i ever mentioned how much i LOVE the coronado brigde? well, let me say it now. i LOVE the coronado bridge. its so... beautiful. i LOVE driving on it. but it doesnt feel NEARLY as long as it looks. but when your on it, the view is so perdy! so then we're off the bridge and im mumzy is looking for somewhere to park. then we park, get out, and go get the ferry tickets. and an ice cream. so we're looking around at the shops, doing whatever, cause the ferry wasnt to come for a while. at the little whop where they sold the ferry tickets, they had these cute little turtles made out of sea shells... it was really cute. i wanted one. but didnt get one... right away.

so then we went to the dock... i chased birds... FYI: i HATE birds. eww. birds. so then there's this chino there, and he kept looking at me. it was scary. i tried to just smile. and im confident that i did a good job. then i saw the veiw of downtown. and i had (im so smart) brought my camera. and i took 2 pictures. then i took one of rauly. then he took one of me. eww. me. so we were there for like a 1/2 hour. then the boat came. we boarded (?).

ahhh! gotta go. be back later!
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so we were there for like a 1/2 hour. then the boat came. we boarded (?).

we went to the top... it took a while for it to actually LEAVE, but it did. the ride was... maybe 20/30 minutes. on the baot, i realized how much i LOVE being on boats. the motion of the water. the way the boat moves... i LOVE it! so then we got to downtown. we lingered there for a few minutes. then we started walking... we were looking for a place to eat. and sometime during the walk. a bird pooped on my sweater. eww. birds. it wasnt alot though. luckily it was JUST on my sweater. like on the sleeve, and a little on my hood. but none in my hair, or on ME. so yeah. eww. birds.

then we reached almost the end of the walk thing, and raul was practically FAINTING from being hungry, thats when i realized I was hungry too. so i started complaining. we got pizza. it was ok. when we got there, there was this lady with her kid, who was SCREAMING off the top of his lungs... it was really annoying. so we then decided to eat outside. but then the lady left. and i got cold, so we went back inside and ate.

then raul and i went to look at some shops. we got these cute little magnet animal things. i got a koala, and he got like a reindeer or something. we were off for like a 1/2 hour. we didnt really see much. i saw this ice cream place, and it reminded of when i had talked to Ryan earlier that day, and he told me that he once bought an ice cream for his friend at sea port village, and it was like five dollars. and when i saw the ice cream place, i kinda laughed to myself.

then after a while we went back the mom and george. we then started back to coronado. but we stopped at the carresel (?)... raul and i got on... then we were off back to the docks. but george had to pee... again! and they were already boarding people. so we had to wait for him HOPING the ferry wouldnt leave. it didnt. we got on the top again. and it was cold. very. very. cold. :-/. then we got back to coronado. there was this place with a "help wanted" sign. i asked for an application. they said i had to be 18 or older. grrr. then my bought us (all 4 of us) these uber cute little tiny rubber dickies with hearts on them. and i got my sea shell turtle. and it rocks my socks. :). then we got to the car. and left. we were on the bridge again. and it felt nice :).

we then came to my house. then dropped george off. then raul. then i came home. and... i dont remember after that. logged on maybe.

i FINALLY got around to calling albert on friday! and its kinda sad cuz it wasnt even me thinking to myself hmm... maybe i should call him since the only person talking to me is HIM it was more like:

him: u wanna call right now
him: u can
me: um... ok

so i called him. it was fun talking to him. he's nice. but i found out that he smokes. eww. smoking. we talked to an hour or so. funness.

then... agh... today. i'll update on that another time. i gotta call raul right now.
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