April 21st, 2004

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agh... i havent updated in a while.

first off. i got a 100/100 on my english PLAY!!!! ME!!!!! i, denise vega (i bet you didnt know my last name!), got a 100% on her english play. im in awe, and definitely speechless. :)

second: raul cut himself again. and i told him last time, that if he did it again, i would stop being his friend. so when he told me. i told him i didnt want to be his friend. but then he got uber sad and cried and what not. then i told him i'd think about it. now we're friends again. but i dont know.

im really frustrated right now. i have plans for the next three weekends. normally that would be a good thing. but not this time. cause since i went to LA with raul last weekend, i didnt go to albert's house. :(. and this weekend im going to raul's house for some get together thing.

then next friday, i might go to tj for a quince. then that saturday im going to antoehr quince of an old friend of mine.

then the saturday after that, i have to go to my cousin's first communion. agh.

so yeah. no albert seeing for me.

and. my aunt and cousin are leaving. which means two things:
1) i get my own room back
2) they are moving back to tj and getting back their awful "im-going-to-get-nowhere" lives. and thats not good.

and we didnt get to see the little kids this tuesday. :(

this week is definitely going by WAY TOO SLOW! im tired, and i had the WORSE night sleep lastnight.

BUT! i did do one thing that makes me :)

i made a new layout for my other journal:

i made the perdy picture. and i <3 it

the end
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