April 26th, 2004

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eww. Mondays. have I ever mentioned how much I DISLIKE modays? well let me start now: I HATE MONDAYS! I hate them… A LOT. beyond description. its just one big huge reminder of the fact that the week has just begun, and that the weekend is lightyears away.

eww. Mondays.

so. this weekend wasn’t too bad.

Friday night I came home thinking I'm just going to sit here… and do a whole load of NOTHINGNESS! but that’s NOT what happened at all… at around six thirty raul called me and told me he was going to the mall, and If I’d like to go. but I still had to clean my room. cause If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be allowed to go anywhere… not even Saturday. so I told him that and he’s like, well can you try to clean it like really fast? and i told him I’d try. I cleaned my room in record time! hahaha! then I wasked my mom if I could go. she said yeah. they got here at like… seven maybe. we were on our way to the escondidto mall. we got there... say... 7:30... 7:45...? we were there. turned out that his dad had given his mom like one hundred dollars and he wawnted to go shopping. so whatever. i got these uber cool star bracelettes. and my pirate stuff... bla bla... i wanted the toher pirates shirt. we went to mission valley. and i just decided to get the "kiss me im a pirate one". then i came home. sleep

on Saturday I went to Bryans house. we didn’t get to go to the mall though. but I finally sat him down and made him watch Pirates of the Caribbean. it was his first time. then we just watched tv... saw some of bring it on. then my mom came and we went to wal*mart. i got the new veet, bladeless razor. and thats about it. my bought some stuff for herself or wahtever. then i got home, but bring it on was over already. then... i dont even remember what i did after that.

sunday, raul's mom came to pick me up. we went to ride on the atvs. and i learned how to ride it all by myself. i still cant actually TURN IT ON, but whatever. then we headed to the mall for like 1/2 hour. then back home to SHOWER! i showered first since i was gonna go get my nails done. so then i got out. and raul's mom and i left. i got my nails done. they're bright orange. and i hate them. cause they're too long. and im having trouble typing. arg! but whatever. then we headed back home. no one had arrived. we rented some movies.

the movie thirteen is THE BEST!

then... alba and jose came. we watched the first have of matrix revolutions. then we went to starbucks. but then all of us (alba, jose, and i) had to go home. they dropped abla off first. then me.

i almost lost my rings.

i had taken them off when i sat down at the nail place. and i had thought i put them in my jeans pocket, but they werent there. then i searched my backpack. they werent there. so i freaked out. searched everything twice: nothing! so then i realized i had forgotten my other sweater at raul's house and i told him to search it.

he called me later that night and told me he had found them.

then i worked on some homework and went to bed.
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