April 29th, 2004

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for the first time, i dont need you to remind me what its like to be in heaven... i've already been.

my play was today! & i ♥ed being on stage! was i nervous? HELLYEAH! but it was fun! even thought i was nervous on stage, i didnt start shaking until after it was over and i had sat down in the audience. & i wasnteven as nervous on stage as i thought i would be. but it was fun. and i ♥ed being on stage.

we had a scare this morning, too. anthony didnt show up! he had and understudy, and all... but... lets just leave it at eduardo is NOT set out to be and actor. i mean i ♥ him to death and all... but... we his lines better than HE did! & he knew NONE of the blocking! it was AWEFUL! i almost broke down and cried during the rehersal... i did NOT wasnt to do it without anthony! it felt so lame, since eduardo wasnt exactly great at his part. i was just so... blah.

after rehersal, we're setting the stage for the other play to reherse, & i hear "anthony's here!" & im like GOD YES!!!!!!!! then i have to see him with my own eyes and when i did, i was like "YYEESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and happiness is restored upon the land!

then play was sooooooooooo much better w/ anthony! it was like him and max[ypad] were MENT to play those parts. i dont know aobut me... i think i kinda sucked... but anthony and max[ypad]made up for my homosexualness. and the gooy half of my banana (1/2 eaten... by me... ::blushes::) kept falling out of my pocket and i had to shove it (gooy and all) in my pocket... then the other half (the part with the peel... the gooy peel) fell out of my other pocket. then i was wasnt too excited about my banana rubbing all over my face (it was unpeeled... cuase i had started eating it... backstage... ::blushes:: when it was in my chest pocket (i was wearing overalls)... and i kept having to rub it off.

over all, i had tons of fun. even during the rehersals. but now its ll over :(

i ♥ my drama class.
...true love...
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oh... and i, being the blonde i am (even though im not)... i forgot to give my camera to bryan beofre the plays to take pictures... so i dont have any... im uber sorry guys :(
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i just finished a REALLY GOOD book.

its called "the night i disappeared" and its by Julie Deaver.

and the book is GREAT!

this girl has this really scary experience when she was 9, and sine then she's had this friend named webb...

by 17 she's still BEST friends with this guy... then they both go away for the summer... him to europe... and she to chicago... only to find out that the ONLY friend she's had, has been a complete LIE! a facade... a figment of her imagination... someone she has completely MADE UP!

ha! imagine that...

but you can do that AFTER you read the book...
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