May 9th, 2004

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Love was once a part, but now it's disappeared

grrrr. people piss me off so much! how can someone talk about something thats never been done to them?

yeah sure, your one to talk, you have LOTS of friends. you know, the friends i was ditched for. hehe (sarcasm), how convenient.

gr. im so pissed right now, i can even put it into words.

but moving on. yesterday was my cousins' first communion. it was aweful. or the end of it atleast. the church part... was long. and hot. my cousin and i went out and walked to the liquor store and got something to drink. then we went back, sat outside and just chatted. then we went to the party. it was ok. he tried to do my make up. and it didnt work. so i had to wash my face about 3 times. and people ekpt trying to take pictures of me. eww. pictures. i've moved on from hating pictures completely, to hating taking pictures by myself. b/c ijust murder them.

my mom got drunk. it was aweful. she looked... so... agh! i just wanted to walk home. it was aweful. a HUGE mess! and i guess i did act a bit irrationally... but. i dont know. i guess its b/c i've never really liked seeing my mom drunk. the last time she got drunk was new years. and she started yelling at me just because my cousin didnt want any chocolate! she was basically trying to force it down her throat, and i said, "mom... she doesnt want any, i've alreayd asked her!" and she started going nutz on me and started yelling. it was so... scary. i just wanted to run and hide... and cry. i HATE it when my mom gets drunk. and then everyone was on my ass yesterday it and all. i just wanted to tell my brother to drop me off at home. but he left a few mintues too early.

i mean yeah, my mom HAS been through alot! yeah she needs a break sometimes. but thers no need getting drunk and makinga fool of herself in from of, yeah, sure she knows these people, but i dont! and its humiliating seeing your mom doing that kind of stuff! seeing her acting the way she was! grr!

but finally we came home. i called raul. and then i went to bed.

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