May 19th, 2004

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I do my thing, and you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful.

- Frederick E. Perl

i got my pet mice this passed sunday!!! i got 2 guys. causei dont want them having babies, and attacking me like on the movie willard. :-/... it can happen... i named then gary and nester. and they rock my panties!

me: i got pet mice!
me: and they rodck my panties!
me: *rock
him: they rock ur panties?
him: i thought only i did that
me: yeah
me: oh
me: well
him: haha
me: now yo have compitition
him: =-O thats unfair cuz theya re there and i'm not
me: lol
me: and they sleep in the same room as me
him: =-O i'm jealous

hehe... i even took pictures. some of them are really blurry though, cause the cage i have them in, part of it is plastic, and they still are really scared of me, so i had to do it from the plastic part.

this is nester

this is gary
i think i have finally found love...Collapse )

i love them. but they still havent gotten used to me. with time.

soi've been lazy to update. but nothing has really happened. just the usual emo.

on monday... nothing that i remember. i think i had a dream. but i dont remember. tuesday. nothing. ah yes, raul really got me mad. then he wanted to argue in front of everyone, but i told him i didnt want to, and leave me alone for the rest of the day. this was before avid (my LAST class of the day) he couldnt even last THAT long. but he didnt go to the right room after school, so i was off without him.

last night, i had one of raul's walky-talkies (he got some, and we use em during school), and for some reason it doesnt work when he's at home, and IM at home... even though we're within range of what they're supposed to be?? ::shurgs:: but had it on. then i hear some guy talk, interference, you know. i thought i was just like temperaray. but he kept doing it. and i guess he heard me trying to talk to raul, and he was like "is anyone there?" and i was like "uh" ::frozen::
then i talk back into, and i have a real short conversation with him.. he goes to some school in downtown. and his name is daryl. it was intersting. then i had to go though.

i just found out that someone at school has been calling me a ho. he's been telling my elementry school friends, that im ho. now how does that work out? i will most definitely have a talk with him. yes sir.

so i had a really bad day today. it was just aweful. in pe, i started thinking about stuff.

i hate the way the people i care about & would do/give anything for, simply can't return me the favor.

its really frustrating the way when somehow, slip, the rest come flowing NON-STOP, until they're done braking you. and they is nothing you can do to stop them.
i also hate the way they go ice cold after just a few seconds. warm and comferting at first, then before youknow it, they're ice cold. piercing through you, to the point where you can feel it in your bones. its gotten to the point where everything people in the eye hurts. holding it in hurts. letting it out hurts. and i dont know what to do anymore.

mr. fulchiron came up to me today, and he asked me if i was ok... i somehow managed to shake my head, but i really wasnt. then he told me he liked my nails, i tried to say thank you, but my voice wasnt working. i dont know if he managed to understand me, but whatever. then he told me i should smile more often and that just made me want to cry even more. but i (barely) managed to keep it in. then he walked off.

then i got to geometry. and there was a fight. i heard screaming, and i turned around, and these 2 chicks were on top of eachother. literally. i was like "uh", then a croud formed, and guys were like runing to see what was going on. it was angel (ryu's... ex? current? ::shrugs::) and this other girl, with the uber cool oange backpack that i wanted. angel had a grip on her hair. and managed to scratch the other chick on the face. talk about cat fight. buti was feeling too down to get excited, and join the croud. i walked into geometry crying. and bryan saw me. and i died. i told him what was up. and i bought these crayon things last night, and i colored a picture of bryan and i holding hands, with a dark rain cloud over my head. then he used his magic wand and made it all better. i'll take a picture of it and post it next time. then alexis told me she loved me (one of the reasons i put her on my "list of people i adore", but i'll talk about that later). and i felt better.

yes. my list. i have made a list of "people i adore". it is filled with maybe... 20 (?) people? 2 of the OBVIOUS people i added are raul & bryan. i havent really added people have DRASTICALLY changed my life, the list is coincidentaly on people i cant live without, not because they... i dont know... did something big. its more along the lines of people who effect my daily life by simple comments, or deeds. for example, alexis, she isn't the person who gave birth to me, she doesnt feed me, or clothe me, but i adore her b/c she's funny, and no matter what, she can make me laugh. she makes me feel good whem im not feeling good. i added this kid in my drama class: john. i arode him. he's the most funny guy i know. his jokes are what make me not able to live without him.

i was thinking of adding ana, like, seriously. but then i really got thinking about, and i just realized that she has caused me pain, more than anything, and adding her would be a complete lie. seriously.

so yeah. i also have a list of things i hate. like, raisins, and olives. and fish, ect.

i thnk i jsut picked up someone else on my walkie talkie again. :-/ he's talking in spanish. but he like breaks up, wo i cant understand what he's saying.

well, i want these one chucks, and im hoping to get them in a few weeks.

raul called earlier, and he hung up on me. i got quite angry. he just called back. i hung up on him. he just called back again. :-/.

im tired. and bored. and (as always) no one is talking to me, SO IM OFF!
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