June 2nd, 2004

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describe myself in 3 words: just look at my icon...

i've been meaning to update... i swear....

ok im lying. for some reason i've been not wanting to update. i guess cause i dont really have anything great to say. all is the same.

but i DID make a new icon. and i <3 it. and i am currently working on a new layout. or layout picture.

last week was.... blah... we just did testing. nothing really worth mentioning.

except my new chucks. they rock my bed like whoa! everyone loved them. not quite as much as i do though. (i'll try to get mictures... eventually...)

i hate minh. he's just so. chino retarted! it's reallu annoyiong. and what the hell is up with all the pelvick thrusting?? he humps anything + everything he sees. its disgucting. especially cause... well... its minh! and he's been trying to act so "hard" lately. "oh yeah, i can['t] break dance... and i can['t] kick your ass" when in fact, he cant do shit. he cant rap, he cant break dance, and he's going R. Kelly. he only goes out with sixth graders. eww. can anyone say rape? oooh! i can, rape! times five! eww....

on saturday, i cleaned my room, and nester and gary's cage. then raul invited me to the movies. we saw van helsing. and the guy that plays dracula. is. a. GOD. he's so hot! i was like... coming not coming all over myself. i swear ::shifty eyes::
and the girls that play his wives. GODESSES. times 3216843216854316432135847321... squared. but then i looked up pics on the dracula guy, and he's not so hot without long black hair. :-/. i was so disappointed. </3>brakfast</strike> [note to self: YOU NEED TO LET GO DENISE!!!! DONT BE THE ONLY ONE STILL DWELLING ON THE PASSED!!!!!!!!!] breakfast. it was yum. then we went back to his house. i was emo. raul tried to cheer me up. cause him and bryan are the only ones to pretend to gove a damn anymore. except bryan wasnt there. so then raul and i went to the pool. i somehow persuaded him to get in. go me. then we got in. and we were there like all day having sex swimming. raul grandparents came. he does exactly have a great relationship with them, so he showed not much interest. we got in the jacuzzi (?) too, but then it got too hot, so we kept going from the pool to the jacuzzi, and back to the pool. important thing of monday: i got tanned. even though it was just my legs and my arms. then we went to robinson's may, and i got 2 new lip glosses, and this like gift pack thing i got for buying 2 things :-/. then i came home.

i've had a bad headache since monday afternoon. i barely went away this morning. and my nose bled for no reason yeasterday moring. i think i might be on the verge of death, and not even know it. finally.

so, raul took me to this shirt place to get one of my shirts printed. they said it might be done by saturday. it will say:

i'm denise"

:) and i will wear it everday. its pink.

i still have 2 more i want to get made.

and it turns out ms. "blowjobsforyou" is offering... well... just that: blowjobs. i heard she offered one to anthony and he rejected her.

moving on.

i've been having the weirdest dreams lately.

a few days ago, i had a "dawn of the dead" like dream. where i was running away from like... zombies... it was weird. and raul bought this dream dictionary book, and i looked up stuff taht happened in my dream, and my dream = a ton of bad things. :(

then i had 2 more dreams. but i dont remember them. i remember in one, i was calling out my brother's name. :-/

i think im done. if i remember anything, i'll get back.
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