June 6th, 2004

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i want a new camera. the one i have has very low MPs (1.3) and so its gay and i want to get one with higher megapixles. but since its my mom's, and she's really digital-stuff-illiterate, she'll be like "what? no! we just got this one!" ans she wont thell the difference between one with 1.3 MPs and one with 6 MPs. :-/ gr.

maybe if i get money for my birthday, and i start saving alittle before, then i can maybe have enough????

yeah, im thinking "no", too. :-/ oh well.

im also hoping to get a graphing calculator over the summer. ebay anyone?

ok so. i dont know what exactly im going to do today. jusr raul's house i guess. more later.
alien © me

"maybe he's on his way to Pimp my Ride.."

today was ok.

raul came to pick me up around... 10:40? then we went just driving around la jolla. we saw some A LOT of runners doing some run thing. there were alot of people. maybe i'll somehow get myself do run one of those. :-/

eh. someday.

I DID NOT KNOW THERE WAS A HARD ROCK CAFE IN SAN DIEGO! we were driving. and i see the sign: "Hard Rock cafe". and i almost burst into tears. thing is, my group and i ate at the hard rock in sydney. i loved that night! they had these two guys playing guitar. and they were good! and they played hotel california. and there was another group there, and im guessing they WERENT from california, cause they were booing the song, while we were all cheering. :). i wanted to take a picture. but why torture myself. then we just kept driving around.

we went to get raul's tux for his confermation (tuesday). and we went to this frame place. then we went to the movies. We saw Shrek 2!!!!! its so awesome!!!! <3!!!! i loved it! then we just shopped around. i got these nail tatoo things. so nowi have to paint 'em pretty. then we went back to raul's house.

and did nothing. so i got bored and all bitchy. so we went to blockbuster + rented some movies (kill bill vol: 1, and something else), then we went to albertson's cause we had forgotten about our notecards for history.

then we went back + watched Kill Bill.

i HAVE to see the second one! it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO uber cool! i was like "whoa!" it was good. so now i want to see the second one. :)

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! while we were watching the previews to shrek 2, there was a preview for "the terminal". OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIEGO LUNA IS IN IT! i saw him, and i just started screaming! well, almost. i started screaming, but kind of in a whisper, and i like climbed on top of raul, and just got all giddy and started saying that i had to see it and such.

then raul got all jealous/upset. but then he got over it. but i didnt. i was so excited i came all overmyself. twice. i was just all giddy and giggle. i was doing what anal calls "the fan girl squeal". i swear. it was so pathetic. but OMG! ♥ DIEGO LUNA! MOVIE! SOON! MUST. SEE. THE TERMINAL!


ok. enough of that.

so i had a pretty good day. :)


i saw this shirt at anchor blue, and i wanted it so bad. it was so cute! i tried on on. i got the small, being as im small/short, and have no boobs and i went to go try it on; it was too small from the boobs. i got the medium, it was too big from the boobs. so i got angry, and simply didnt get it. gr. but it was cute. AND ONLY NINE DOLLARS! i was quite angry for being so imperfect. which reminds me. melissa. GOD! she's so... perfect! she's not too tall, but not short either. she's NOT FAT! she's gorgeous! but SHE thinks she's fat. and we were talking about it during P.E. last week. and she kept saying how she's fat. and then i just looked at myself and thought, "if she's thinks SHE'S fat... than. i must be like a cow compared to her!" and i got all i hate myself depressed. and now im realizing that i AM fat and gross looking! so thats really been keeping me down lately. :(

but, on th other had, the other day in avid, being as i have no friends, i have no friends in THAT CLASS, i sat by myself when we sat outside. and for some unknown reason, leoni sat like, infront/behind me. and he laid down infront of me, and looked at me and said, "you look pretty with make-up on". i took that both ways: compliment, not-compliment. what he said ment that i looked pretty that day, which made me feel good. but afterwards, i thought about it. and reached the conclusion that i must be horendous WITHOUT make up, and got depressed at the fact that i need artifial-ness, to make me even the LEAST bit attractive.

so all of thise adds up to one thing: i am fat and ugly.

eww. Denise.

ps: also, i still havent sent the letter. i still dont even know if im going to/want to. :-/

God help me.

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