June 9th, 2004

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"sometimes your words just hypnotize me..."


bus toppled over on highway yesterday.

the boobster was on the news.

raul got in a fight with thomas.

i passed onto algebra II (if i get a c or better this trimester).

mr. milan gave us these things at lunch. gio suggested they were poinsoned. ah, too late.

raul and i got mad at eachother today. Twice. or was it three times? ::shruggs:: dunno.

I think stephanie doesnt like me.

I think Alexis doesnt like me.

i think Jessica A. doesnt like me.

Im possitive that 97% of the world hates me and wishes me death.

Selene is retarted. Yes. Retarted, NOT GOD. And is no one to say that christianity is "better" than catholicism. Especially when she goes around offering blows by the dozen. People recpect her religion (*note*: "respect her reliogion"≠ "respects HER"!!!!) she should respect theirs, no matter WHAT it is.

Must. see. kill. bill. 2!

Mom is nagging for me to get in shower.

And finally: this week has gone by WAY TOO SLOW!!!!

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