June 10th, 2004

alien © me

(no subject)


lets say

you had this friend

and you guys were like... best friends

you guys got along really well

you had the BEST friendship with this person


you go away on vacation

for 2 weeks or so

and when you get back

things have really changed between you 2

without a real reason

you just notice that your friend is like.. realy distant

and you guys dont talk as much

you try calling, he's not home

you IM him, he doesnt reply

you email him, no respnce


and you miss them


and you dont like to leave things hanging like that

like, without closure

but you kind of finally give up

but, one day, MONTHS later, you FINALLY say "screw it, ima try ONE MORE TIME" (not knowing how they will respond: what if they answer? what if they dont? what if they hang up on me? What if they dont? what do i say? What do I NOT say? Ect.)

and you call them, and you’re so nervous your hands are shaking, and just just like “whoa!” and all these thoughts, possible topic for conversation are running through your head faster than you can even focus on even one.

and they answer

what do you say?