June 13th, 2004

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yesterday was ok, aside from the fact that i woke up at like 6:30 (am) when i didnt have to actually get up until 7:30!! :-/

but whatever.

so i went to the cal-SOAP meeting thing, and guess who also goes!

MIGUEL! he said he didnt go to the last meeting cause he forgot. typical.

then later into the session i told Imani that she would, from then on, be my kitty. and i kept petting her head. it was funny. then the usual discussion.

then afterwards, since there was no food to eat, the mumzy took me to mcdonalds.

i saw some old classmates. i mean OLD classmates. from the FIFTH grade! it was this girl named Kaylyn. and there was also this other girl, i recongnized her face, but no name was comign to me. i dont know where i know her from. I didnt say hi though, cause i wasnt exactly great friends with her, so i just was like "oh wow", and carried on.

yesterday was my not-so-little-anymore BRYAN'S birthday! he's 15!!! wow. thimes goes by so fast. i had no idea what to get him, so i just got him cologne. :)

im really bored and i dont exactlyhave plans for today. which is kind of a bummer, but at the same time its nice to finally have some time to myself. its been a long time since i spent the weekend alone. or even just a saturday for that matter. so here i am.

on another note:
it really makes me mad the way there are such ignorant and superficial people in this world. NOt only this world, but people that i have to go to school with everyday. I find it really sad the way selene is so materialistic and ignorant.

i dont know hes soo perfect but the things hes missing the one quality that i want him to ahve is
treating a girl right
he needs to know how to do that....thats the one thing he doesnt know
he has hurt me soo many times.....but i love him i dont care
hes gettig better at it tho he hasnt hurt me soo much....which means he as progress
he needs to oepn minded
and he needs to pay for me when i go out places with him.....
he doesnt do that
and i mean i am his girlfrend and he should do that.....its only right....but he doesnt
and im running out of money to be paying everytime.....
zuri (his best frend) said i should tell him too do so but its emabrressing even him paying for me is.....but he has too thats the way it is.....i dunno how tho but he better start doing or else im not gonna be able to go no more

ok, thats a whole load of crap! THere is NO such "rule" that a guy should pay for the girl, ALWAYS! i mean yeah, its nice, all the guys i've ever been with have always been nice when it comes to that, especially raul, i cant even look at something without him saying something like "you want it? i'll buy it for you if you want it!", but its definitely NOT his obligation to, no matter what! its NO guy's obligation to buy a girl things, or pay for her! Thats just one thing i can add to my "reasons why i hate selene" list. She's just so dumb! She thinks she's such a princess and that everyone should attend her ever need. When in fact, no one WOULD, not even if their life depened on it! God. She seriously just... erks me. Everything about her. Its just like... "get over yourself!!!".

well... i think im done. i dont really have any more to say.
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