June 16th, 2004

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um so much to say, but i dont really wanna update. i also have quite a few picures. but i dont wanna bother getting them uploaded and waht not cause i i think i have to reboot (reformat) my computer because i have adware/apyware on my computer, and i dont know how it got there!!! and i downloaded this program thats supposed to "remove it" but whenever i restart my computer and run the program, the stuff is there again. so its like not permanently deleting. but at the same time im kinda scared, cause if i ask my brother to reboot it, then he'll get mad at me, and strangle me in my sleep. maybe we wont even do it. he'll just like, uninstall everything, but not reinstall it. :-/

my brother hates me.

but agh! i need to get my computer fixed! so im HOPING to get it fixed it by next week.


someone help me??????
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