June 22nd, 2004

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so. i havent updated this in ages.

my apologies.

so, today we went to the dare care center with the little kids. i cant believe i wont be seeing hiunter anymore. my only true friend in my advisory block. pathetic? yes. but he was so awesome. his smile warmed me up inside. he was so adorable. what made me <3 him even more, the fact that he didnt hate me, and that he was my friend. my true friend that wouldnt ditch me or just... leave, the way all the rest of my other so called "friends" have. but he was just so cute :)

they gave us ice cream + playdo :)

i loved the poem:
the heart is you
the hand is me
to show we are friends-
the best there can be


so um

lost of things have happened.

none that i remember.

cute construction workers.

one looked at me.

one with his ears pierced. and his tongue. yes. i know. *orgasm*.

i passed my push ups test for pe.

ah yes.
and this:

me: so
me: talk to me
him: oh, so um whats up
him: your hot!
him: :-\
me: lol
me: um
me: thanks
me: i guess
him: oh fo sho no problem


him: so hey, i was startin at your butt the other time in p.e.

he's a bit... different.

lost of homework.

and no australia.

joel sent me a package 2 weeks ago, it still hasnt gotten here. >:{

my bother still hastn fixed me computer.

gary + nester have been fighting + attacking eachother. im worried.

camping for the 4th of july. yayness. i <3 camping. like whoa!

the song "everywhere you go" by the aussie band Taxiride brings so many memories rushing to me. i still remember like 1/2 the movements to it.

im not a pop loser, i swear...Collapse )

mom said i might be able to go work with her on sundays.

i might work with raul's mom (and hopefully get paid) over the summer.

i want my mom (or SOMEONE) to teach me how to drive.

i ♥ the song yellow by coldplay.

i need to make new icons.

my head hair refuses to grow.

my leg hair wont STOP growing.

im stressed times 175269712397456324179317410282238952485.

the school year is almost over.

our seniors are leaving a week from tomorrow.

i will, if not cry, be so very sad forever.

the schol year is so near, yet not near enough.

i hate preuss.

i hate preuss students (or the class of '07 at least).

i want to leave and never look back. ever.

i have to go finish my english project.
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ok... just one more time to clear this up.

i hate preuss students especially class of '07 excluding maybe... 5 people?