July 5th, 2004

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ok... so im back.


my mom is just got all anal hurt cause i didnt want her looking over my shoulder at my computer screen, and she's like "are you telling me to go away" and i said yeah, and she's like "oh... well i thought you'd want to be with me." which was a OBVIOUS attempt to make me feel bad! but whatever. im all angsty right now cause my weekend went by uber fast, and i have school tomorrow, and i am officially sleep deprived but preuss is too damn gay to give a rats ass and realize that its students AREN'T robots, and that we DO feel! gr.


i forgot my sweater at my aunt's house, but whatever.

i came home and checked my email, and got this:

im not gonna cry, i swear. :-/


so, they picked me up at like midnight nine on thursday night. then we were on our way.

when we got there, we just ate dunner, and just hung out until we all got tired.

woke up. washed up. showered. went to check out the swimming pool, but it was still closed, so i just sat. did little. then we went to the pool. and i just layed in the sun and sizzled like... steak on a grill.

i got sun burned like WHOA

arms, my chest, my back. even my effing feet!

agh. painful times infinity!

we were there for like 4 hours. i sat half the time, them i went in and swam. and there really hot twins came. and kinda talked to me and my cousin (he's bi, so were both like "hey there...") but they decided to be homosexual and leave like after five mintues, and then my cousin wanted to stalk them. :-/
then my cousin and i went to go stalk the really hot twins, but had no luck. then we went back all fried. ate... played this one game. then did i-dont-remember-what. showered again, i think. then all of us (me, my cousin, this girl stephanie, her friend janay, this guy steven, this guy martin, and stephanie's brother isai) went for a late night walk, and everyone was all emo-ish cause we they all wanted to get high, but no one brought any. the adults got in trouble cause they were being really loud at like midnight, and we kept getting complaints, and one of the park rangers came and told them to be quiet... TWICE!


woke up, ate, blablabla.
went swimming. then these really annoying guys came in. and one of them wouldnt stop looking at me and it made me angry. i got even more sunburned. then this guy was there and he was all cussing in front of all the little kids, and it really made me angry. then after a while we left. then we all just hung out at the camping area. i dont exactly remember waht we did. bike ride i think. then some of us went back to the pool, and this whore was flirting with really ugly buys when her boyfriend was like right next to her. i felt bad for him. + they were a really ugly couple. it was ew.
then i dont remember what. we went back i think. ate. one of the guys left. we hung out. blablabla. went for a walk at night. i kept a dog poop bag as like a suvanier (?) showered sometime during the day.


we got stuff ready to leave. thats basically it. i took most of the pictures then. we went for a walk. then we left around noonish. we went to my aunts house, went swimming in the pool in their mobile home park place. they had a library and i found this book and started reading it. didnt finish. we went back and ate. watched a movie. played pool. watched cribs for the rest of the day. ate ice cream. nothing special really. but it was fun. then everyone left pretty late, except me cause i was spending the night.

and that was basicaly the end.

im sure i left out alot of stuff, but i cant remember much for some reason. eh, whatever. but i had tons of fun.

got your phone tapped, what ya gonna do...?Collapse )

also... my mom told me that someone named max/matt caled me while i was gone... thing is, i know both a matt, and a max... but they didnt leave a number! grrr!!!! i'll have to ask mañana
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