July 7th, 2004

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im so fucking angry right now, i cant even put it into words. i hate the way people are so selfish and just cant seem to try to make an effert to see things from other people's point ov view.














im going to leave it at that, 'cause thats the only thing that seems to be coming out of me right now... well other that the tears of course.

alien © me

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You have friends that love you. Even if you think I don't, I do.

i hate the way people who claim to love me, can be so selfish and cold when it comes to my feelings.

ana, you calling me steph wasnt "nothing". that was like a slap in the face. i just wish, you could imagine yourself being me.

i hate it that this has led to... well.. whatever this is. i dont want it to lead to what it seems it has. but whatever. cause im being irrational, and blowing this completely our of proportion. because your not selfish. your not cold. because you love me. because you were a great friend. because i need to get over having lost one of the only people i thought was a true friend. and because you tried ever so heard. you really did.

because ana, your right, and im wrong.