July 8th, 2004

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ah! finally... the last day of school.

i've been waiting for this day for so long. i cant even put my emotions into words.

i had a pretty good day today.

  • in english we just wateched part of excalibur(?)... and i logged on but no one was online... so i just was web surfing.

  • in spanish we watched part if Selena (typical, right?) and gio and dana and i ate chps and just talked and stuff.

  • in pe luwan, melissa and i just hung out and talked about bands and warped tour and just random stuff. and we ate chips.

  • in geometry we made cards for little homeless perubian kids 'cause ms. liewer is going to peru this summer and she's going as part of this program that takes care of homeless kids. i really liked my card. i wanted to keep it, but then i thought about it, and it felt nice knowing im giving something i actually put effert into and something im proud of, to someone less fortunate. :)

i reached the conclusion that it takes me about 5 mintues and 40-50 seconds to walk home from my bus stop. or so it did today. :) im so awesome, i scare myself sometimes.

and now im home alone bored and ding nothing. :(

i want to do something really bad. NOW.

i might go shopping with the mom later today cause i want a jean skirt really bad.

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agh!!!!!!!!!! raul just HAD to wake me up... :-/

ok, so its now the end of my day.

yes. another one... gone.

so my brother got home and showed me some shirts me got... :-/

then my mom came home, and we headed off to wal*mart 'cause my brother needed some stuff...

then we headed off to the chula vista mall... :). i got my new skirt that i've been wanting!!!!!! and i love it!!!! :)

then we went to some mexican place and got this fruit salad... it was pretty good... it had whipped cream, and thats always fun. :)

and i got this shirt... god its so awesome!

its a tank top, and its like... a fushia color... like a dark bright pink, and the straps are yellow... and it has a picture of millhouse (simpsons) in a supre hero suite.. and its just ubercoollikewhoa!
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ok... one LAST time before i go, i promise....

luwam is love. yes. and i will greatly miss her over the summer!!! :( but thats ok... cause today she told me she loved me.