July 9th, 2004

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im bored.

and talking to charlie

and tomorrow's the beach party.

i think im going... :-/

i invited my little orphan annie, but i dont think she can go... :(

and i invited some other guy... but i know he wont go, which is fine.

so speaking of annie, i talked to her on wednesday!!!!! <3. she called me. and we just talked about stuff... and it turns out that my little lauren got jumped.. and now she hangs out with "the wrong crowd" and is like into drugs and stuff... which relay just breaks my heart because...well... she's lauren. she's the one out of the whole group that i least expected to have something like that happen to her... and its like... "what? do? not my blonde!!!" so... dah.... i dont know... i just hate it that we live so far away from eachother. but annie and i agreed that we all need to get together and hang out sometime over the summer. we'll see what we can come up with...

i went to my cousins' house on wednesday. and GOd... they are so awesome (my little cousins).

"oh... woopsy... i broke nemo's tail... hehe..."
"oh no!!!! i got my finger stuck on nemo's fin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh wait... no, i got it... "
"when i was little, i used to think that running for president ment like running in a race..."

i had fun. i love them. we painted a picture of destorted birds and a bird house... it was fun.

im really bored!!!! i want to like... walk to the park or something... but i dont want to go alone... :-/

and charlie is being annoying...

i think im going to go now... i have to shower... tootles.
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ok... i just want to say that Finding Nemo does NOT do justice to the beauty to neither the Opera House, the Sydney Harbor, OR the barrier reef.

but i still <3 the movie!
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lol... my mom makes me laugh...

we have this REALLY old tred mill in our backyard... how it came about to be in our backyard, i have no idea, but its relaly old, so whatever, and for the loingest time we just had it there taking up space, and today i got curious as to whether or not it works. and it does!

and i just want to say, that my mom "running" on a tredmill is one of the funniest things to EVER be invented!

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  • boredom

  • email from joel = &hearts

  • thinking of bad year

  • thinking of year to come (where i can actually apply the knowledge gained from bad year, and hopefull have a 1/2 ok year)

  • listening to 91x

  • 91x = relaxation, calmness, & memories... which is weird, cause i dont remember 91x ever being a big part of my passed :-/

  • thinking of street scene

  • thinking maybe getting a job... or trying

  • being worried like hell about gary... he has like a lump (looks like a tumor) behind his hind leg... like by his butt... and i have NO idea what the hell it is, and im freaking out cause i cant live without either gary or nester, and i dont know what to do!

  • 1/2 excited about tomorrow's beach party, hoping to everyone and everything that annie can go... i need so see her... :(

  • kinda tired

  • ren & stimpy need to come back

  • beavus & butthead need to come back

  • getting sad cause all the best cartoons in the world arent available any more....