July 11th, 2004

alien © me

they said we'd never make it...

ok, so yesterday was the pool party!

but my little orphan annie didnt get to go cause she had this softball ceremony to go to... :(

the party was pretty ok... except for the fact that we all went to belmont park, but i didnt bring any money!!!

but i somehow managed to survive without getting on any rides.

so its was ok. there were some really boring moments, but then there were some entertaining moments.

for the most part, i hung out with memo and had tons of fun. but for a while i hung out with eduardo, with monika and lem, and then with anal. but i had most fun with memosex and anal. we went into the water for a while, but then the water was harassing me and like crwling up my skirt, so i left, also cause i was starting to not feel my toes. then memo went like all th way in, but he didnt have an extra pair of bosers so he had to wear none, so we was walking aroud with jus shorts. then he let me borrow his shirt he had ontop of his other shirt, cause i was really cold, and i didnt bring a jacket.

then i wanted to buy something to drink, and i couldnt find my mom ANYWHERE! (it turns out she had gone to subway). but raul m. and eduardo bought me a soda, which i was going to pay them back for, but when it came time to leave, i had NO idea where they were, so i was like "eh... i'll see them again eventually". then memo and i like wlked around and stuff... and talked about how we havent had "any" in like forever... :-/ then we tried to make summer's 2 friends not bored cause they ere just sitting at the table being bored, but only one of them came over, whiel the other was later seduced by casey and anh thu.

then i hung out with anal, summer's friend kaleb (he was hot) and summer, then her sister came, then anthony was there for a while... and summer's other hot friend rob was ther efor a while, and we were just talking about random funny stuff... i had fun... then we went back to the table, cause we heard that casey was making out summer's friend (i dont remember his name) but casey had a boyfriend in hawaii (she kinda 1/2 lives in hawaii) whose coming to visit her in like 3 weeks (or so paul said)... so we went and were nosey... but she was ONLY all on his lap and flirting with him and crawling all over him... no big!!!!!!! but whatever... that her business...

then anal and i talked about i dont remember what. then we took pictures... ew... pictures...

then i had to go...but for the most part i had fun. :)

then i came home and did nothing.
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