July 13th, 2004

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so today was pretty mellow...

i woke up. logged on.

web surfed.

raul's mom stopped by and im going to work with her tomorrow... but i dont know if i'll be getting payed, if i do, then great cause i can start saving for streen scene! yeah!

then i just orked on some graphics.

then my mom came home, and we went to horton plaza. i got new kinda dressy sandals. i like them.

and thats about it. but we were there for a while.

and then i came home. and did nothing. i still havent downloaded msn or aim, and i was about to ask my brother right now, bu the's not home.

so im going to work tomorrow! yay! im leaving at like eight, so yeah. good luck to me.

OMG! when my mom and i were eating, and i saw this guy. and he was really cute! he was with 2 of his friends. and i just kinda watched him for a little bit. he sat a few feet away from where we were sitting, and i noticed that he had mix=match show laces on! and i ggigled inside :) one of his show laces was black, and the other was kinda punkish-purple, with white stars, and the fact that he had a "girly" shoelace, just made me like him even more, then he opened his mouth, and he had braces, and THAT made me like him even more. and then

i didnt watch him the whole time... i swear... ::shifty eyes::

ok, so i did, whatever.

then this girl, walked by him, and he just randomly said "hi!!" to her, and she just looked at him and gave him a dirty look, it was funny, and i laughed. and he was just so cute! :)

but then i had to go, and i walked away unnoticed :(

lol, then we got the escalator, and i have no idea what the hell was wrong with me, and i like dropped all my bags and almost fell, and these 2 girls that were in front of my mom and i, just looked at me with an icky face, but i just ignored the snotty "too cool to go to the mall with thier mom" girls, and laughed with my mom at my blondeness. it was awesome. i love spending time with my mom. she's so awesome. most of the time. ;)
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