July 16th, 2004

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ok. so um...


i remember, i was wearing a skirt, cause it was hot in LA when i had left, but when i go t to sydney, i was FREEZING MY ASS OFF! it was so cold! and it was like six in the morning.

and we first went to take a picture, and i took this picture:

notice how i didnt put it under a cut... yeah sucker, im FORCING you to see my pictures! ♥ cause i know you wanna. :)

and we went to the opera house, and then to the sydney tower... is taht what is was called??? i dont remember, but tash (she was the leader of the WHOLE group, the "delegation" leader) called it "the cake on a stick":

and we went up on it, and saw the view... it was awesome. and we went to some cathedral, which was also awesome.

and then for dinner we went to the hard rock cafe. and it was great.

and im not sad now... i swear....
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