July 17th, 2004

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i have enough money for my street scene ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


eeee! im so happy! :)

so, um yeah.

the other day, my mom took me out for ice cream. it was yum.

lol, and when she was done, she had the reciept in her hand, and she wiped her mouth with it, and i was like ,"uh,.. mom... thats not a napkin..."
and she looked at me, and was like "i know... i just now realized that..." and i started luaghing really hard. it was funny. i guess you had to be there... :-/

soyesterday i went to work again. so in total i have one hundred dollars, but half of it is for my SS ticket. GAH! im so excited. and last night i bragged to my brother about how im awesome enough to go to SS. we talked for like... 2 minutes. :-/

yesterday i saw i, robot. it was pretty good. i dont know if im the only who noticed this, but why is it that Sunny was theonly one with blue eyes, while all the other robots had gree-ish eyes??? :-/


i loved when he said that, it touched me... i was like "aww...".

and im so making an icon! so ha!

then today i went to go see farenhiet 9/11, and it was SO good! and my hate for bush has just grown. grrrr.

then we went to home town buffet.

then we came home. and bla.
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