July 20th, 2004

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lol... this was too funny to NOT post.

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i think they're gonna show "like is beautiful" on tv!! so im gonna try to watch it cause its on my list of movies to see this summer. and i havent even started on that. go me!
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so i've really nectected my journal.

i dont even remember where i left off... :-/

street scene???


i dont think my mom is going to let me go which makes me VERY angry. very. she doesnt exactly want me to go, cause she doesnt want me to go alone. agh. moms. but i'll try to work my magic and see what i can come up with. im going to ask ryu if he can come after all. and sapphire_angel_lauren-nicole let me know if you still want to get together!!!


work work work. lol. i feel like such a big kid saying that. i have $140. $50 of which will be for my SS ticket, so that leaves me with.... $90??? yes. wow. im so awesome.

so my weekend was... bla.

i went to go see farenheight 9/11 it was pretty awesome liek WHOA!!!!!!


then, the mom and i went tohome town buffet. :-/, their food wasnt too good. then my mom saw george (her ex)'s friend. gary. it reminded me of my gary (my mouse). i remember george used to say he was crazy. so i referred to him as "the crazy one???" :)

then we came home. and did nothing. and on sunday. i did nothing.

on monday. i did nothing.

and today, i went with raul's mom. then i came home. and... then the usual.

then i called raul. he was being a jerk. he's been really rude to his parent lately, and his mom told me (cause she loves me and tells me like everything) and so i asked him about it, and at first he was like "what? no!!" but then he admitted to it, but he didnt want to go apologize to his parents, and i was like whatever, and i told him i had to go. bla.

then the mom came home, and i feel asleep for... 30 min- an hour. then i ate cause i starving, and my stomach felt icky. and i love my mom. then it was just bla from there.

and this morning i realized that this party i was invited to was last saturday, and i completely forgot, and obviously didnt go. :-\
and for some reason i feel bad now.

and it turns out that raul DID go. fun how he didnt remind me.

fun how since i decided we were just gonna be friends, he doesnt bother to call me AT ALL.

im not pouting now i swear....

ok, im lying.
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