July 26th, 2004

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i got a new layout. go me


im not having a good day...

things have had been pretty ok.

on saturday my grandma came over. her and my grandpa had come back from mexico (guanajuato) a week before. we went shopping for most of the afternoon. i got a new tube-top. its nice... i guess...

then we came home, and everyone took a nap. except me. i just... i dont remember... i think i just sat around.

then my mom wanted to go to coronado. so we did.

but i wanted to take nester and gary with me. so i did.

i had gotten them a new little "travel" cage, so i got that ready, and we went.

we were at the beach for a while, but then we walked around in the sand. i found a toy shark. then we saw a crab that was missing a claw just kinda walking side-ways in the sand. i felt really bad for it. :(

then i found a rose. :-\

then we walked to back to the car, except not. :-\

then we went to eat.

the kids got looked at. fun.

no one noticed the lump...

then we went to eat. and it was yum.

then i came back home, put the kids in their cage, and showered. went to bed.

sunday, i was really tired, and my grandma kept waking me up.

but i tried to stay nice.

then she left to my uncles house. and i was left alone for the rest of the day.

the mom came home. and the rest is a blur.

then today.

i woke up. and thats about it.

except gary's lump is bigger. and i want to die. NOW.

my mom got me really mad today. she's always complaining about how i never do anything. i just stay in my room all day and get on the computer. but then, i asked her to take me somewhere. anywhere. and she said no. so if she's going to not be of help, then i really dont think she's in any place to be complainging about how all i ever do i get on my computer and stay on it all day.

and that annoying girl, Kim, called me.

raul made me feel really bad.

i dont know if i really think im right, or im just being over emotional b/c of this whole gary dying thing, but he really hurt my feelings. and over something that would appear to be really stupid.

the last few times i went to his house, we went out to like the mall or whatever. but never bothered to do his hair. even after i asked him to. time and time again.

but then. today, he has quince practices with gaby, amanda, and samira. and this time, he DOES do his hair.

now, i dont need any one commenting on how im being irrational again. because i know i am. its something stupid to be hurt about. but i guess it just goes deeper than that. kind of like... thats just the skin of the fruit, but when you peel the skin away, there is something bigger, and of more significance revealed. i would explain, but i dont think any of you really want to hear it. so i'll just leave it at that.

so hear i am.



with nothing to do.

covered in tears.

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