July 30th, 2004

alien © me

everything looks perfect from far away....

so i've been feeling better.


and i need to buy the postal service cd now. their music makes me feel good. i dont know why. it just does. and its cool. yes.

so rauil's gone. he left today at 3 am. the bastard.

but we're even. cause i left for ≈ 4 days. so yeah.

i made a list of things i want/need to buy.

- messenger bag (for school)
- new hair straightener
- hair rubberbands
- colored socks
- black chucks (for school)
- shampoo
- face wash
- moisturizor

thats all i have down for right now. but we'll see.

well... im bored again. im off to go... be lazy.

alien © me

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ok. so im officially pissed off and freaked out. at the same time.

i just got a call from a "bob" (funny that i dont know anyone named bob). it was bob, and "he's sexy". and it was the lamest call ever. i could hear the girl laughing in the backgroud. i mean really. someone needs practice on prank calls.

but im confused cause they asked for "denise". therefore it must be someone i know, but i didnt recognize the voice. so maybe it someone i know told their friend ("bob") to call me. hm.

weird how i was hoping it was raul. :-\

speaking of label makers.

i bought one! yay! but i forgot to buy the label strip things. so i'll have to wait to get that, but the label maker comes with one, so im ok for now. :)
yay for label makers.

um, my lotion just shocked me. i didnt realize that was possible. :-\

ok. so im really bored.and in desperate need of a life.

um. the san diego l.g.b.t. pride this is this weekend. i want to go. but i dont think my mom would want to take me. she'll think im weird.

or lesbian.