July 31st, 2004

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i had a pretty good day today.:)

and i am glad. :)

i went shopping.

i got the backpack i wanted for school.

i got shoes for school.

the guy at footlocker flirted with me, and when i handed him the money, my change was $1.91, but he gave me $2. so i felt attaractive for a few minutes. but then it faded. ::sigh::

i bought some new clothes. five shirts, and one skirt. it would have been 2, but iw asnt sure if i wanted them.so i just got one just incase i didnt like them later on. but i do so im hoping to get the other one soon.

new lip gloss. new tooth brush.

so my mom and i went to plaza bonita, cause i had seen the backpack i wanted at the mervyn's there when i got my sandals a few weeks back.

so we went to mervyn's first. i got my packpack, then i saw the vans store, which i had wanted to go to, but we went to foot locker first. then i saw the black chucks im getting for school, and i asked one of the guys if he could get me a size 4 in guys, and he said he would, but didnt.

thats when the other NICE guy came and asked me of i was being helped, and i said "kinda, i asked the guys for the shoes, but he hasnt gotten them for me" and he guy was at the register helping somoene else, so he was like "i'll get 'em for you, what size do you need??" and i told him, and he came out like one minute later, and he LURED me into following him so i could try them on. had some small talk he flirted with me!!! but i took me a while to realize "hey, this guy is flirting with me!". :-\ he flirtaciously commented on my rainbow shoes laces, and called them original, but then my mom was like "orignal, or weird??" he laughed and i felt not cool. :-(

then we payed for them and i got a whole 9¢ extra. ♥ aw, what a sweat-heart. and as we were leaving my mom was like, "that guy was flirting with you!!!!!!!" and i was like "yeah! he gave me $2 instead of the exact change" and we conversed a bit more about it. then we looked for the vans store. and i saw these shoes, and since they have pirate skulls on them, i asked if they had them in black, and they said i could only get them from the website, and that they could order them for me, for the same price, no shipping fee, and i was like yay!

but i tried on the ones they had, and the 6 (in girls) was too small, and the 6 ½ was too big. so i was sad. :-(

then we went to journey's but they didnt really have any appealing shoes. so i only have one pair of shoes for school right now, but im hoping to get another pair.

then we went to this other store, i dont remember what it was called. thats when i got my shirts, and skirt.

then we went to my mom's friend's house, but only her husband was there, so we were there for a short while. then we went to big!lots, and i got some lip gloss, then we went to rite aid, cause i needed a new tooth brush.

and i have pictures again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!

cause i know how much you all love when i post pictures... right???


yes, you do.

anal, click cause im sure you will like one of the shirts i got!!!!!Collapse )

muahahahahaha... dude... i SO own. God. im so cool, its dangerous to all the rest of you.

but you all love me so you cant stay away. :)

yay for cool people like me haha... silly me... no one is as cool as me... DUH! so... yay for me. the coolest cat snail on the planet.

so, in the end, san diego l.g.b.t. pride festival, or not... i still got flirted with.

so ha! in your face!
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