August 1st, 2004

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is it weird/bad that, even with a tumor almost as big my head hanging around his anal hole and on the verge of death, gary and nester fight???? alot???? at least once a day???


so i got IMed by "50 cent" and im "dumb" for not believing it was him.

so some random Corrupt Novelist-something-or-other IMs me and asks me what im doing. we have a VERY short conversation before he says he has to go. so i try to sqeeze in a "by the way, who the hell are you?" and it takes him a while to reply. and before he does, he asks me who I AM!!!!!!!! WHAT. THE. FUCK.

so i say "no, YOU IMed ME, so who are you???????"

and he asks me agian. and i say "no, i asked you first, so you answer ME first!" so thats when he says "50 cent".

i ALMOST fall for that one.

but not quite. so i asked again. and he says "50 cent. man you must be dumb"

then i say, "yeah... i must be huh...? hey, waht does this 'block' button do???"

then i block him. and warn him.

and thats the end of that.

so i didnt NOTHING today, and im bored out of my mind. i need friends.

joel emailed me the otehr day, and i have yet to reply.

im getting bored with my hair, and i want to do something with it. but i refuse to cut it again, cause it grows slower than your grandma walks.

and my mom wont let me color it, plus it'll just damage my hair, more than it already is.

so im left with!!!!!!

leaving it alone. :-\

i made some really gay icons today.

im done.