August 2nd, 2004

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i wonder if technology will ever get to the point where you can download an orgasm off of kazaa, and then get a bunch of spyware, so after that one orgasm, you cant have any more until your computer is fixed and you get kazaa lite, or shareaza, or BitTorrent, or something else of the sort that does not give your computer viruses, spyware, or adware.
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so just for future referance, and for the safety of those who read this, for the love of Jesus F. Christ, DO NOT GO TO THE JACK IN THE BOX ON EUCLID. THE ONE NEXT TO THE UNION BANK OF CALIFORNIA. ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats usually the one my mom and i go to, cause its the closest/one of the closest. so we went today. i guess my mom was in the mood for big blobs of fattiness (which im ok with), so we went, and there was this old man bum guy there. and he was the same guy there the last time she and i went. and he talks really weird, like... mumbly, and neither my mom nor i understand what he says, but anywho. so its the same bum that was there the last time she and i went to that jack in the box. from the moment i walk in there, the guy is staring at me. watching. and not exactly being sly about it. so we order, and we sit dowm, a few tables away from him, its a very small place so there are like... 4 or five tables, 2 of which are in use, so we go to the one closest. i sit facing him. my mom sits with ehr back to him. so from the moment i first sit down, i notice him. and i ask my mom if its the same guy that was there last time, and she says "i think". so im jsut sitting waiting for them to call our number, so we can get our food. and he's staring at me every so often. like just looking me straight in the face. then he'll lool away for a few minutes, and then stares at me again, but at first im like "ok, just ignore it". then they call our number, and im getting up to get our food, and he's like "your orders ready", and i dont even look at him, at this point i am some-what freaked out. we sit down. and through out the whole eating time period, he sits and stares at me, and periodically looks away, and stares at something else.and i tell my mom. and she NOT SLYLY turns and looks at him. so he gets up, and stares at me, and the sraring has gone on for a good while now, then he "leaves", but before he does, he waves at me!!!!! and so i tell my mom "i NEVER want to come back here again. EVER." and she just looks at me and continues eating. but, the guy come back some... few minutes later. but he takes his time coming inside. when he does. he has a flower in his hand. he stares, talks to the workers (im guessing he's a regular, and he they're used to him). then he stands some several feet away, and just stands and stares at me. then.... he's walking toward us. he comes up to me, and hands me a red carnationCollapse ). and i look up at him, trying to not freak out, try to smile, and say "thank you...". then i think he walks away. and stares at me again. then i tell my mom i want to leave NOW. and she just looks at me. then gets the trash together, by this time, we're basically done eating, except my mom as A COUPLE fries left. so she gathers the stuff... and you know what she says???????

"your not letting me fish my fries"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so i look at her, and im thinking you cant possibly be serious! but she was!!! so im like "then take your fries with you!!!" (mind you that there are only like three fries left!!!!!) and she's like "no...".

so i grab our trash, and am going to through it way , and the lady is changing the bag!!!!! so i have to use the one that the old man IS STANDING NEXT TO!!!!!! and since i had my soda in my hand, i was having trouble, and my mom offers no help, instead the old man is helping. :-|

then we leave, and we're off.

but seriously...


and it turns out that the guy who IMed me yesterday i jorge (from school), and according to him, it wasnt him who IMed but "it must been (his) cousin or (his) sister". :-\ B.S.