August 3rd, 2004

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as rediculous as this sounds, i think if i save up money, whatever money is left from this summer's working, some working during winter + srping break... and a whole years worth of time to convince my mom, i might ask her if i can go to australia. maybe get see joel. i mean how much is a plane ticket??? a couple hundred. i might be able to pay for it. and it would just be so awesome to get to go back. especially if i were to get to see joel. :)


i can just hope...
alien © me


i went shopping today!!!!!!!!!!

i got some awesome stuff.

thr first half of today was boring. i was trying to call raul (he came back last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but i kept getting the answering michine, which was really getting me mad, cause he said he'd call me.

then around 2-ish, he knocks on my door. and im not ready! so i had to put on my skirt, which i had gotten RED lip gloss all over in the morning. :-\, so i have trouble finding my key, but then i found it. i left my mom a note and we left. we hand out at his house for a while. then we get bored, so we go to mission valley.

first we went to hot topic to get shoes laces for my black chucks. i fell in love with two pairsCollapse ) family guy, and these black ones that have pirate skulls, and stars. i couldnt decide, so i got both!! ♥

then we went to anchor blue, and the last time i had gone, they had a blouseCollapse ) that i had really liked, but since we were in a ruch, i didnt get to buy it, and left the store HOPING it would be there for next time. at the time, the shirt was on sale, and was $11. i went back today, saw it, and bought it for $6. it was on clearence. again. :) i was VERY happy.

then... we went to... either target or pac sun. i didnt get anything at pac sun. but at target i got some colored labels for my label maker. then we went to pacific eye and tees. then to some other new store. there was a skirt for $85!!!!!!!!!! i was like "what the hell????"we looked around but left empty handed. then we went... i dont remember where else. :-\

LASTLY we went to papayas, and i was just looking around, not relaly expecting to buy anything. and then. i see a dress (mind you that im NOT a dress person) and i fell in love with itCollapse ) i tried on the meduim and the small. the small fit be better, although both fit pretty ok. So now i have something to wear to caro's quince. and i LOVE my new dress. its just so cute! and i also for some eye shadow to match with it. its just so awesome. ♥

then its getting late, its already dark, and his mom picks us up, then we stop buy at rauls house to get some stuff he bought me in san fran. turns out they (raul) also bought me a teddy bear and (his parents) a jacket from the hard rock cafe in san fransiscoCollapse ). so i was like "what?". i think his parents love me a little too much. and i feel bad. :-\ but i felt even worse that they bought me something from san fran, and cant take it back. :-\

and here i am. i had a good day. :)

and i go to work tomorrow, so im off!
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