August 9th, 2004

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ok... before you guy get all excited, i regret to tell you that i have NO pictures for you all to view. im sorry. we spend most of our day away from the car, leaving the cameras (yes, both mine, and raul's) in the car. we tons of stuff to take picutres of, but none of us had our camera. sorry. :-(

on saturday, my mom took me to tj (tijuana). it was kind of random. she had wanted to go on friday, but we got too lazy, and just left saturday morning.

gah. it was so boring there. i did nothing. at all.

i wanted to leave like 5 mintues after we got there! :-\

but i got to see my grandparents (= &hearts) and my aunt, which moved back to tj like a week ago, cause she didnt like it here. so whatever. i also had to see my girl cousins. gr.

i found out that my guy cousin got his girlfriend pregnant. im so... angry? disappointed? im not even sure. i wish i coulda seen him so i could try to slap some sense into him, and the mexican OUT of him. but he was at home. so his girlfriend is moving in with my aunt and him, and he has to get a job, which = no school. and now im mad at him. even thought he doesnt know it.

then i came home.

and found a note on my door, "denise, call me as soon as you get home" -raul b.

i did. thats when i found out i was a part of a plan to go to santa monica, without even knowing it. yay!

then came sleep.

i woke up, got ready, and raul's mom came to pick me up. we left. and then my day started.

we stopped by in carlsbad, they had this like... selling thing going on?

it was early so like no one was there, and people were setting up their stand and what not, but we looking around. then we left.

i think i fell asleep.

yeah. i did. then we got out, without or camera's.

now i have no idea what this place was called, im guessing it was like a downtown-ish place. i dont know, but the street were lined with stores, and there was alot of people, and there were people doing tricks for money. guitar players. just... stuff. we shopped around. then at the end there was a mall "santa monica place"... somthing like that. i looked around. we went to hot topic. i got a pirate ring. i got a pin that says "are you a pirate or a ninja?" i got a patch. another pirate notebook, cause i spilled soda on the one i have, and its all beat up, and im in need of a new one. so i got a new one. and the guy that helped me was hot. well... maybe not "hot" persay... but definitely attractive. maybe more along the lines of "cute. he was tall. and kinda skinny-ish. he had black hair (obviously colored)... and a lip ring. ahh... it was so... attractve. the lip ring was like the cherry on top. and i was just mesmerized. but i tried to hide it. i think it worked...

then we went to bath & body works, and i got some lotion and body spray.

we went to eat at this place that makes nothing but crapes. it was yum. the first time i ever had a crape was in australia. and it was good.

we had gotten there at like noon, and we left like at... five.

then we went to the westminister mall, but by then it was like 6, and everyone was closing so we left. i think its dumb that malls close earliest on sundays.

then we headed home. but it was late, and i was tired, and i didnt want to go home. so i spent the night at raul's house. we ate pizza, and watched tv. and played video games. we watched wouth park. then we slept.

then today we didnt really do anything.

and now im home.

i have 3 quinces to go to, but i can only go to 2, and that means no street scene, cause i still have no one to go with, and my mom wont let me go. so im really sad about that. but atleast i dont have to save those $50, right??? ::sigh::

im bored. and very tired. so im off.
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