August 12th, 2004

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headstrong to take on anyone...


i went shopping today.

i got a new hair straightener, cause the other one i have itsnt too great.

i got new bedding for the kids, i found out that the wood shavings is bad for them, and i got them more food.

i got a strapless for my new dress.

some hair stuff, more bandaids, more veet leg stuff, and some colored socks. its really hard to find colored (other than black) ankle cut socks... how am i supposed to mismatch my socks, if they're all either black, or white???????? HOW!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

nail polish remover... some other stuff. i dont remember. i work tomorrow. yay. im hoping to go to the mall wiht rauly poopy face afterwards.

um. i have a quince to go to on saturday. and im still not happy about the 2 quinces in one =ing that i cant go to both. gr. i want to go to both. but i cant.


i really need to shave my legs.... like really. my legs feel like to cacti. its... disterbing... even to me.

and i think nelly fertado is pretty. and liz phair.

and i think shakira looks pretty even with her roots growing in. i dont understand what all the fuss is about.

and gwen is a hotness goddess.

and annie is not fat or ugly.

and my hair wont grow. and its pissing me off.

and the kids hate me. then run whenever they hear the cage opening. :'-(

and jesus has been IMing me alot (not jesus as in God jr. i know someone named jesus. i recommend looking in my old journal for more insight on him).

and i REALLY dont want to go back to school. at all.

and my brother sucks.

and is a poopy face.
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