August 13th, 2004

walking away © me

viviendo con el corazon abierto...


so um.


raul turned out to NOT be the person i had thought him to be. even now. after so long. it slipped by me. i dont really want to get into detail.

but i will say that im hurt.

its like. for the passed serveral yaers, in my head, i had created a list of people that i was POSITIVE wouldnt hurt me. and there were lots of people of that list at one point. but as time went by, i started realizing i was wrong about some people.

i can truely say that some of the people way high on that list were raul, bryan, and daniel.

and so far, the only one who's lived up, is bryan. and i really dont think that i've given him enough credit.

so now. here i am. im not mad at him persay. its just like, "oh...", and i feel differently about him.


last night i downloaded tons of songs by nsync and backstreet, and i realized JUST how pathetic i am: i know the lyrics to 99% of BOTH bands songs.

and some bitch at the mall made a comment about my mismatch socks today. what a whore. why the fuck does she give a rats ass about what the fuck im wearing???? does it bother her eyes??? she didnt ahver to fuckin look! GOD! she should go back to her whore house and go listen to some rap that does nothing but degrade women/talk about bitches and hoes!

i dont feel good right now.

i feel sick, my head hurts, im tired.

i have a quince to go to tomorrow.


ps: i made $90 today. go me! eh... not today...
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