August 15th, 2004

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oh, and this is some online friend of mine that i hadnt talked to for a long time until yesterday. he's the one in white + baby blue. eh, he's not THAT hot.

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i think i figured out why i never ever go after (even though im deeply attracted to them) the really "oh my God, i just creamed my panties" kinds of guys (except for matt): because none of them are attracted to ME. so thats my excuse for having gone out with oscar, jesus (ew), raul, raul, raul... (i think it was three times?), and having a crush on martin.

so you can't really say, "ew, denise, you like THAT guy!?!?!?", cause that ones thate ARE attarctive, dont feel the same way towards me. so bla.
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quod me nutrit me destruit


we're getting our window's done tomorrow. hopefully.

i feel really bad for george (recap: george = my mom's exb/f). he's going through a lot of shit. he has no home at the moment, i think he bought an rv, and he still hasnt gotten it, so he's staying with us for a couple weeks.

i have a new found hate for shopping.

i wish i were tall.
i wish i were thinner.
i wish i were prettiery.


i bought some stuff for my hair today. i bought razors. and thats it.

and i talked to ana for like .5 seconds today.

joel's birthday was on friday (the 13th) and i didnt get to email him, but i sent him an email/card today.

malls are stupid for closing early on sundays (even though i've already said that).

there's someone on my list (i think it might be a guy) and they're online, but i have no idea who they are.

im tired, and i work tomorrow, so im off to take a shower.
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