August 17th, 2004

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work: tiring

home: boring

mall: stupid

clothes: pissing me off/gay

blah. i havent been getting as much sleep as i'd like to lately. and my work schedule is a bit differnt this week, usually i just work monday or tuesday, wednesday, and friday. except this week, i worked both monday and tuesday, and i'll be working tomorrow. but whatever. luckily today we was easy and i got to come home like at 11:30-12. i feel asleep for like 2-3 hours. god, it was so hot in my mom's room.

i asked my mom if we could go uniform shopping sometime this week. so we'll see on that.

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! kill bill 2 is effin' awesome!!! raul rented it and we watched almost all of it. we just didnt get to see the end. we stopped at the part where she put her daughter to sleep, and she was in the living room with bill.

it so great. i was just. in awe the whole time. quentin tarantino, aside from making a pretty good mobster, is awesome. and if i could marry him, simply for making such a great kill bill, i wouldnt. but i would give him oral.

my favorite part was when she (uma... i forgot her name in the movie... something that starts with a "b") gouged (sp?) out the other ckicks eye. that was so awesome. you ALL have to see that movie. both as a matter of fact. cause it rocks. and uma therman rocks as well.

ok, well... i think im done.
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yayness like whoa

i talked to luwam today!!!!

i miss her so much!!!!

and i had been wanting to talk to her for like... EVER!!!!!!! ♥ im so happy.

also, we're getting our house painted. the outside. the people are gonna come tomorrow to have a look. i think.

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