August 21st, 2004

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my day was pretty... um... i dont know. it was ok.

i woke up. watched tv. drank milk. got full. then my mom woke up and made french toast. then i ate on piece cause i was still full.

i clean out the kids' cage. i... kill stupid ants... i dont remember what else i did. mostly tv i guess. online-ness. george came home. we had a leaking hose thing, and george fixed it. i started making a cross for gary. ::sigh:: acceptance is all, i guess.

that took a long while. then i asked my mom if we were gonna do anything. we decide to go shopping. we go to the mall in san ysidro. i was hoping to find shoes but didnt. but i found another dress.

oh and carolina's mom stopped by sometimes around noon-ish to give us the invitation. we might go for a small while. i dont know yet.

my mom and i are hungry so we go to some mexican place. it was ok.

and now here i am.

yesterday i went unioform shopping. YAY!

stupid royal blasers.

i bought a shirt. but they didnt have the maroon colored ones im my size, but i forgot to order one. ::sigh:: oh well... maybe next week.

thats about it.

mom my and george were arguing today. it brought back bad memories.

oh, and i went to the mall in sandals, and when i got there i realized, "hey, im going to be trying on shoes, but i dont have any socks with me." so we had to go buy socks. which for some reason took us forever. and we ended up not buying any shoes. oh well.

oh, and before i go. i have a confession to make, thats been eating me up inside...:

i like the song "everytime" by... britney spears.

im sorry guys. i mean i still hate her with a passion. its just... just this ONE song i swear....