September 1st, 2004

south park pirate © me


dude, i just downloaded a bund of i mean... i just bought a bunch of... LTLC songs...?

::shifty eyes::

uh... and i just realized how much ass they kicked, and i miss them... :-(

OMG! and little stevan diaz emailed me lastnight!!!! remember ana? You rock MY jungle!

lol. eeeee! i was so happy. stevan was so funny. he should come back to preusshell. :-(
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    TLC - unpretty
walking away © me

i think of you and everything's all right...

im kinda sad right now. i think ujournal(.org) is gone... forever...


its dumb, yes. but that was my very first journal site. some good stuff happened in there. my first journal EVER, and i can never go back + look through the good times that was 7th-(part of) 8th grade. :(
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