September 7th, 2004

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get our of my face, dont even try...


i havent updated.

in forever and a half.

lucky you guys.

so, my last few weeks of summer, were lame. times five.

i went shopping with my mom + my aunt. i went underwear shopping... which i had been wanting to do for a while. and i dont think i've ever mentioned how much i LOVE underwear shopping. its fun. you should all try it. and send me pictures.

i got stuff for schoolio + 2 non-schoolio shirts.

so my first day.

enexciting and everything i expected.

i saw luwam. and she actually gave me a hug which =ed ♥

ironic the way in english class, raul sat next to samira, and i by eduardo. ha.

i had to stand in a one mile long line for two hours just to pay a 25 motherfucking¢ fine... in the scortching heat. i was so pissed. but i missed english with the kaler. which was better than having to put up with her. so whatever. but when i got to class she was actually pleasent with the denise. so ha.

then i had chemistry. i guess im kinda excited... but i was also excited last the first day last year w/ physics... so it most likely will not last.

lunch was homosexual.

pe was bla.

im now positive that stephanie doesnt like me. and i have no idea why. she just so... cold... with just me... and i dont know. i dont know if i should call her out on it. ask her why... or... i dont know. i think i'll just keep it like it is. i dont see the point. so whatever.

i talked to the LEMon. and the TUmor.

and fulchiron knows my first name and that = not good. grrr.

and (after four mother fucking years) they spelled my name wrong. they spelled it "denice". sorry bitches but its with a fucking "s". assholes.

spanish was just more preusshell. times ten.

the bus ride was bla. i played "go fish" w/ ray. he's funny + awesome. like whoa. even though he's younger than me. i have pe with him too.

it kinda bothers me the way astrid pretends to like me. i mean. whats the point in pretending. she's not doing a good job at it. and i honestly wouldnt give a rats ass if she just told me she didnt like me. cause i kinda already know.

and its just bla.

preuss is so fake. + so is everyone AT preuss.

today when i was going to... spanish, moises saw me, and she seemed really excited. which really touched me. and i hugged him. and it just felt uber awesome to know that someone actually was glad to see me. moises = sex love. he's so awesome. so im just going to keep pretending like he's the only non-fake person there.

i only had one class with bryan today :(. and it was english... and he sits all the way accross the room. and its not cool.

today was hot. which was awesome.

and i got my plaid skirt today. i just need to find a place to get it hemmed. its way to fucking long. its gross.

i think im done.

except i love this song... and the story behind it makes me sad...Collapse )

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gmail is odd.

its deffinitely taking some a adjusting.

everything is in a differnt place. i have to click more than once to delte something. i dont have to refresh the page, yet i still do, just in case.

i noticed today that i never get on aim anymore.

cause no one ever talks to me.

& i decided to leave my friends list blank + empty, cause i dont have any friends. i'll just hope that if i ever do log on, some not weird, not petafile (sp?), nice, funny, entertaining, genuine, understanding person will IM me and be my friend. and hopefully this one will stay. and his name wont be daniel.

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