September 13th, 2004

alien © me

i dont just want to survive, i want to rub it in your face...

so. where the hell have I been?

dead. that's where.

lets see. saw the movie paparazzi. did i mention that? i dont remember. :-\

school started.

algebra 2
painting+drawing (art)
AP european history
phys ed.

i spent the last half of friday-the first part of domingo at anal's house. we watched movies.

donnie darko = best. movie. ever.
amelie = cutest. movie. ever.
quills = best. movie. ever. again.
A.I. = saddest. movie. ever.

ana and i took our sleep over outside, cause it was hot like bitch.

this is ana scared of the boogie man.

our entertainment center. outside.

ana sleeping.


and we SOOO didnt make barbie porn.

thats SOOO not my finger i swear!

there's more where that came from. ;-)

and i ♥ the walkmen + the desden dolls. they rock my panies more than your mom does.

i had fun. mucho fun.

then i came home. went to wal*mart. bought a nuevo cd player. and it rocks.

and i had an emo day today.

its like, things just got me more + more sad. and i felt really fea today. no bonita. and it sucked. i swear my mirror is broken. :-\

but i remedied it with emo-angst grungey Nirvana.

my day went by pretty fast. which is good. and im planning to get my cabello cut. i dont know when though. and i've been wanting to go to the mall. but i dont have time. or anyone to go with. and some guys drove by my bus stop today, and were breaking their necks looking back at me. and it pissed me off. so i flipped 'em off. assholes.

&i really love howard-man and semana-man. even though i hate history, and i suck-o at arte.

and stupid-o jesus hasnt died yet.

and i was looking through mi msn contacts, and some of them have phone numeros with them, and i found some info out. and things are starting to make sense. and im... i dont know. i need to get msnmessenger... like... NOW. ::sigh::

i hate the way i so easily let people lie to me.

i have to go... be.. emo... later days.
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