September 20th, 2004

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such a pretty picture that you paint

wee! i had an ok day.

but in the morning i felt like dog ass.

i LOOKED like dog ass, and i felt like dog ass.

and i had a horrible time sleeping. and i had a horrible night.

but thats all done with for now!

so i got up, somehow, and got ready for school.

got on the bus. arrived at school.

algebra was ok. ana+monika=LMAO.

then i had... avid. ana+bobby=hotsexANDLMAO

and i love art. i think that was my funnest class. we're doing the color wheel with primary/secondary/complementry colors. and let me say that edwin is one of the funniest people i know. his wheel looked like crap. seriously. it looked like a first grader did it. and he missed up where the colors were supposed to go. they're were supposed to be in a certain order, so that they made sense, and edwin put the green where the orange went. and HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO MIX COLORS!!!! it was the funniest thing i have since... a really long time. and even though my job was clean off all the pain off the palettes, i still &hearts mr. weeks.

then i had history. i got an 8/9 on the quiz. yay! go me!

then the bus ride was fun-o. i sat next to this kid named felix. and he's SOOOOO funny. and not on purpose.

i asked him if he's ever heard of the walkmen, and he said yeah, and i was like :-O!!!!! and he said that his sister had listened to/talked about them.

right after that, i asked him if he was an only child.

God. i swear im not really blonde. we laughed at it though.

then he said that the other day, he had gone out to play soccer, and that it got really dark really fast, and he thought he was late to get home, and that he though it was like ten, so he ran home, and when he got there he looked at the clock, and it was only like 7:15. i was laughing my ass off. i laughed so hard, i started to cry. i laughed at some other stuff. but i dont remember.

then i came home, and pigged out on beaner food.

so um, i have a quince to go to this weekend.

and jesus still wont go away. and he's annoying.

and i went back to that journal website, and they changed the date to the 26, so i wont check back till then to see if i can rcover my uj account.

we got new phones today, cause the one we had was really gay, and i think has like cancer or something, and is simply too weak to work. or turn on for that matter. :-\

and i dont know when i'll upload the pics i have. probly never. cause im a lazy mexican. and i can do that. so ha!

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