September 21st, 2004

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i uninstalled msn + aim:

-msn was just stupid. how the hell am i supposed to tell when people are online, if all the little msn heads next to the sceennames are the online color?
-aim was frustrating me. whenever i opened a window to IM someone, it was error, and it would shut down aim, and it simply never worked. and i've installed it atleast five times. im not kidding.
-the norton 2005 i got isnt working
-the photoshop cs i had wasnt working either. it was the full version, but when i installed it, and ran it, it opened up as a trial.
-my computer is slower that i've ever seen, its being gay and stupid, and im getting really pissed off and it simply isnt working.

and i have a ton of homework for everyone single one of my classes. now i remember why i slacked off last year. thing is, i DIDNT slack off, its just its IMPOSSIBLE to get ALL That homework done considering i get home like at mid night, and get about 4 hours of sleep, and have to end up seeing people i really dont want to even have to breathe the same air with and....

agh! now i remember why i wanted to leave...