September 23rd, 2004

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You know that I'm just the kind of girl that feels so hurt and smiles


so i've been really out of it lately. just not there. dead sort of. except not. and the sad thing is, no one has taken the time to notice, except me. i dont know.

i had this super angsy conversation with raul a few nights ago. and just confessing tohim how i really felt inside... i guess it put me in this permanent state of emo-ness. and im not sure why.

in my spanish class there's this junior (i think) named olivia, and today we (lem, her, luwam + me) were talking about halloween + what we planned to do, and for the passed [#] years i've been wanting to so something uber fun for halloween (WITHOUT MY MOM + GEORGE). and olivia said "why dont you do womthing with your friends". and that killed. i suddenly felt like crying. I DONT HAVE ANY FRIENDS!!! gah. but whatver.

today was... bla. its hard to reallly get into great detail when im in this constant emo mood.

i think i finally fixed my graphing calculator. i hope. but i need game-os.

lol. im playing this game called pegs, and i fell through this hole, and it said "you fell and died." ha.

i emailed joel a few days ago, and he hasnt emailed me back. :-(

and i havent done the history home work. and im lazy. and tired.

OOOH! and luwam is going to let me burn copies of all her nirvana CDs. and luwam is awesome.

and i really hate mr. fulchiron. he's such an ass. i hopeone does get lost so he can get fired. im supposed to have mr. v. last time i checked, going to the price center ment... GOING TO THE PRICE CETNER! gah. he's so... angry. there's a little think i like to call a smile.

today on the bus, i was sitting in the seat next to the kid that reminds me of my little cousin, and he was eating candy, and then he dropped it on the floor, so he obviously count eat it anymore, and then ray was making fun of him, and i felt sooo bad for the little kid, so i gave him 50¢ so he could buy another one. and then i started to really miss my little cousins, cause i havent seen them in a really long time. :(i remember the last time i saw them, we painted a really bad picture of a bird house with water colors.

then we were on the freeway, a few miles north of mission bay, and the bush things that divide the north+south lanes was on fire, and everyoe was getting all excited. and it made me sad, cause its like, our city ixs burning down, and your getting excited???? YOUR HOME is getting burned and your starting to get all giddy and such??? WHAT. THE. FUCK? seriously. am i the only one taht gets alittle sad when i drive up north and see everything covered in a blanket of black cinders? i guess i am.

for some reason i want to cut my hair even shorter, but i dont think i will.

and i found out that me + stephanie are the only people ON EARTH who wash their hair everyday...

uh, i just IMed stephanie thinking it was summer... God... i swear... sometimes... i check to see if my roots are blonde... just in case....

i really love the way alexis + i get along... its quite amuzing...

moi: hey bizatch
[alexis]: hey
[alexis]: asshole

so i think im done... and tired...

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alien © me

hey girl, screaming for attention

oh, and today, in english, aftter we had done our lousy skits for "everyday use", ms. kaler gave the second compliment she's EVER given me: she told me im a good actress, and that she always looks forward to my acting im good. she said something like "i thought, if denise messes up then they're screwed, cause your always really good with your acting"... i was so happy!