October 11th, 2004

walking away © me

Things will never be the same


2 deaths in 2 weeks.

i dont know how much more i can handle.

and my mom certainly isnt handling well. she's having a really hard time.

so i had to burry (sp?) gary yesterday. and im worried that nester might get lonely. :(

dude. ashlee simpson is so trying to seduce me with her hot voice coming out of the speakers. that whore.


::shifty eyes::

raul and i decided to give eachother some space. so we're kind of not really talking anymore. and it makes me sad. cause he's the only one that ever calls me, or invites me places. so i wont be doing anything on the weekends for a while. :(

all my life i've been sorry for somethin'Collapse )

so. um. yeah. marlene's surprise b-day party was saturday. it was pretty lame. no one wanted to play truth or dare OR spin the bottle. and brian h. was almost humping my leg. and i so felt a boner pressing against my ass when he sandwhiched me with cesar. eww.

and i so didnt dance with cesar. (im lying)

but it was still kinda boring.

but you know tamim got to hit that for pulling off her surprise party. thats probly the only reason he did it. to get some...

i mean....

::shifty eyes::

and monika's quince is this saturday. but its in tijuana. so since my mom probly wont want to take me, im hoping to go with anal. just tell my mom that im spending the 'noche' at her house.

i went to mcdonalds yesterday. and i saw this really hot guy there. and he was really cute. like, even the way he wore his hat. i was all giggly and giddy. and then he kept looking at me... and i got all girly. but then i started talking to my mom. but he was really cute.

i think im might wear my yellow/green/white dress to monika's quince.

so my computer is still gay. and im cold.

and school is starting to get really old, really fast.

and i have pictures for your viewing pleasureCollapse )
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