October 13th, 2004

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ok so. today started out as what i thought would be the usual.

but actually...

we took the PSATs. they reeked. likewhoatimesfivecarrythetwoaddtheseven.

why did they have to be bubbles? why not squares? or triangles? dubbleyoo. tea. eff.

then i had alg 2. it was bleh. i swear i dont have a crush on julio. ::sigh::

then lunch. i had to scrape gum-o cause le howard man caught me chewing gum in class, and thats his punishment. and brian h. told me i "have a big butt". eww.

then i had avid. bleh. "studied" for the history test. played un game-o on my calculator.

then i had art which = ♥ . señor semana rocks my panties like whoa. bizatch.

then i had history. and i swear le howard is not the hawtestest jew EVAR. ::shiftey eyes::

Gawd (LMAO). i've been hanging out with anal too much. hah! just kidding ana!

oh and ana let me borrow her le godfather collection. and i saw the first one. oh. emm. gee.

al pachino = hawter than your mom.

god. i almost started to masterbate... i mean... no yeah, masterbate.

God. i just wanted to like start making out with my tv screen. im not kidding.

and the guy that played "sonny". yeah. he was hawt too.

and now i really badly have an italian mobster boyfriend. that will talk dirty italian to me. GAWD YES!!!!

im so not moaning right now.

::shiftey eyes::

best. movie. EVAR!!!!!!!

oh. and i checked my email in art. and. oh. emm. gee.

Daniel emailed me.

i read it. my knees went weak. i started shaking and got really nervous. and it was just... agh...

i was in shock. i didnt even know what to do. i had to shut down + sit down. but i was glad to hear from him.

&monika gave me an invitation to her quince. but it turns out anal + i might not go after all. we have no ride. and it would be just us 2 on le bus, so we;d probly get raped in tj. but im HOPING someone will come thorough. and if not. then i'll just go to her house and hang out. cause i love my little anal.

so yeah. i bit my tongue today, and it hurts. a lot.

but thats ok.

le fin.

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